buzzKorea Awards

The Buzz Korea awards are an annual event held by buzzKorea & the Korea Tourism Organization.


The 2013 event was held at Fradia, an event hall located floating on the Han River in Gangnam, Seoul, with incredible views of the river and city.
The event was held to thank participants of the buzzKorea community for spreading their knowledge and experiences of Korea through blogging, SNS and other online communities.


Ricky Kim MC’d the 2013 event, with special performances by two of Korea’s current hottest idol groups, Dal Shabet and ZE:A.


The 2012 event was held at Beyond Museum in Gangnam. It was also MC’d by Ricky Kim, and featured awards presented to participants by kpop idol groups Miss A & 2PM as well as performances by both the idol grouops as well as Hwang Min Woo (the mini-PSY dancing kid from the Gangnam Style MV).

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Spicy pork dish (돼지고기 고추장 볶음) @ Bokjeong Restaurant (복정식당) in Samcheongdong (삼청동)


A very delicious Korean dish! In the Samcheondong area of Seoul in Korea, I was really impressed with this restaurant복정식당 (Bokjeong Restaurant). 

The meal I tried was a spicy pork dish called돼지고기 고추장 볶음, which consists of some spicy pork, rice and side dishes, and when all are combined together on a perilla leaf ( 깻잎) is one of the best foods I have ever tried.



In the cold weather, Persimmons are in season, so for dessert I enjoyed some tasty frozen persimmon to finish off this meal.

The Bokjeong Restaurant sells many delicious Korean meals, for reasonable prices in a cozy restaurant in one of the trendy and artsy neighbourhoods of seoul.


The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul – 국립현대미술관 서울관


In Korea, The National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art recently opened its third branch  in central Seoul, right by Gyeongbukgung Palace and Samcheongdong.

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Along with the newly unveiled museum in Seoul, there are two other existing branches of the museum located in Gwacheon and Deoksugung Palace. The new Seoul branch features 8 exhibition halls, displaying modern art from Korean artists which helps to promote the rich Korean culture to the world.

Photos are not allowed in most of the exhibition halls, however in one of them it was allowed – this exhibition is really unique, it’s called the Epiphyte Chamber as part of the Aleph Project which visualises the human’s nerve system and uses hundreds of tiny sensors which make the art react to human interaction. It’s made from oil and took 15 workers, working 8 hours a day, for 6 months to complete.

2013-11-20 10.53.33-2

One of the most interesting exhibitions that I enjoyed on my visit, was Korean artist Lee Mengwei’s “The Moving Garden” which invites guests of the museum to select a fresh flower from a table in the middle of the museum, and as they are leaving the museum they are asked to make a detour on their way to their next destination and give the flower to a stranger as a gift, and then to share their experience on facebook and twitter.


I selected a flower, and made a detour on my way to have lunch in Samcheongdong and gave the flower to a beautiful girl as a gift. She was very surprised and thankful of the flower.

(this photo –

2013-11-20 11.50.33

The museum is a very high quality, and had extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff, especially for such a new museum, who were able to answer all my questions about the exhibitions and artists. For more information about current exhibits, you can check out the museums website