YongPyong Ski Resort Korea (용평 리조트 스키장)

2013-11-21 15.53.26

Just two hours drive East of Seoul, in the centre of the Baekdudaegan mountains, is the YongPyong Ski Resort in Pyeongchang, Gangwondo.
YongPyong is one of Korea’s best ski & snowboard parks, with 31 ski slopes, 15 chair lifts and a 3.7km long cable car gondola ride.
I recently spent a day on the slopes of YongPyong – I’ve snowboarded a few times previously at other parks in Korea, so thought this time I’d try Skiing.
At YongPyong is Dragon Plaza – Asia’s largest ski house, and in here (as well as restaurants serving many types of tasty Korean foods and an awesome view of the ski fields) you can find a few ski-rental stores where you can rent all the necessary equipment for a day on the slopes – everything from clothing, to goggles, skis and boots. (a full day ski hire costs around 23,000W)

The park offers ski lessons with an instructor in English starting from about 34,000W for a beginner half-day session. As it was my first time skiing, I found it really helpful to get me started, and definitely worth doing. By the end of the lesson I had a lot more confidence and learned how to stop, so I got a lift pass and was able to enjoy the rest of the time skiing freely!
For the really adventurous, YongPyong has a really high quality terrain park, featuring a half pipe, quarter pipes and rails!
Yongpyong will also be the host of the slalom and giant slalom events during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics!


A great thing about YongPyong resort, is that even though its primarily a ski resort, it’s open with lots of activities year-round. As well as the ski slopes, the resort features a full golf course, swimming pool & saunas, fitness centres, bowling alley and other facilities to provide the perfect place to relax at any time of the year.

2013-11-21 14.01.04
Close by to the resort is Woljeongsa Temple, which I visited last year and will post about another time!


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