Korean Beef – Hanwoo (한우)

Hanwoo / Han-U (한우) is Korean beef that is born and raised in Korea with maintained stable traits and blood lineage. Beef is common to eat in Korea, however due to the limited space, and mountainous countryside, a lot of the beef that is eaten in Korea is actually imported from other countries, such as Australia.

2013-11-21 18.56.37

Hanwoo is quite different to the beef that is imported – it has a much more marbled fat pattern throughout the cuts, and is eaten fresh as it does not need to be frozen and imported. For these reasons, its much preferred (though more expensive) for Koreans.

One of the most famous areas for premium Hanwoo is in the Pyeongchang regions of Korea. I just took a trip to Daegwallyeong  (대관령) which is a pass in the Taebak mountain range of the Pyeongchang region, in eastern Korea.


A well known restaurant for tasty, fresh Hanwoo is Daekwallyeong Hanwoo Town, the largest Korean beef restaurant in the region. The restaurant is located quite close to the ski-resorts of Pyeongchang (address: 376/46, HOENGGYE-RI, DAEKWALLYEONG-MYEON  PYEONGCHANG-GUN  GANGWON-DO ) and definitely recommended if you are in the area!


Only the most premium grade (1++) is served here. In my photos you can see the perfect marbling on the beef! The beef has an incredible flavour and just the right texture and chewiness. A way that I like to eat the beef is to bbq it along with some cloves of garlic, wrap them both in a sesame/perilla leaf (깻잎) and lettuce leaf with some spring onion and maybe some SammJjang depending on what accompaniments are served and pop the whole thing into my mouth…add some soju…맛있어요!!

2013-11-21 18.59.20

If you’re in the Pyeongchang region (or even just in Korea) pay the extra and try the Hanwoo!


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