Korea Tourism Organization “Smart Tour Guide” App

Korea Tourism Organization has recently released their new “Smart Tour Guide” app which is really useful while travelling in Korea. The app is really simple, but very useful – It features audio guides, maps, and information about popular tourist destinations around Seoul and Korea…for free!



Screenshot_2014-01-11-11-45-57 (1)



Some other useful things to know about the app

-it’s available in a few different languages; English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean

– If the audio guide is downloaded while in a WiFi zone, it can be used freely at tourist destinations, no need to use up data on your phone plan!

-If used nearby a tourist destination, information about the nearby tourist spots will show automatically using GPS

-A navigation map that shows your position is available and shows information about how to get to the next destination

-Can keep a log of the places you’ve visited – like a travelogue!

Such a great app thanks to KTO, so if you’re new to Korea or want to learn a little bit more about the places you visit, download it for free from the iPhone App Store or Google Play store for Android and have a listen to these convenient audio tours!




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