Korea Tourism Organization “Smart Tour Guide” App

Korea Tourism Organization has recently released their new “Smart Tour Guide” app which is really useful while travelling in Korea. The app is really simple, but very useful – It features audio guides, maps, and information about popular tourist destinations around Seoul and Korea…for free!



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Some other useful things to know about the app

-it’s available in a few different languages; English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean

– If the audio guide is downloaded while in a WiFi zone, it can be used freely at tourist destinations, no need to use up data on your phone plan!

-If used nearby a tourist destination, information about the nearby tourist spots will show automatically using GPS

-A navigation map that shows your position is available and shows information about how to get to the next destination

-Can keep a log of the places you’ve visited – like a travelogue!

Such a great app thanks to KTO, so if you’re new to Korea or want to learn a little bit more about the places you visit, download it for free from the iPhone App Store or Google Play store for Android and have a listen to these convenient audio tours!




Smartphone Food Delivery App in Korea – “배달의민족”

It’s fairly well known that Korea has incredible delivery services – you can order just about anything you can think of, to just about anywhere you want.

You can be in a crowded area by the Han River at night, and call one of the many fried chicken shops nearby and have some chicken & beer delivered to you, fast! somehow they will always find you, wherever you are in the crowd – and If you order something that comes on a plate or in a bowl, the delivery person will even come back once you’ve finished your meal, and pick up the used dishes so you don’t have to worry! Amazing!

Often while studying in Seoul, some friends and I would order some delivered lunch so we could eat on the grass on campus and enjoy the nice weather rather than sit in a restaurant. It was really convenient, and quite unique.

When I was with friends, It wasn’t a problem for them to call a restaurant to place an order for me– but after school, living alone in an apartment, my foreign accent and korean speaking ability would often confuse the restaurant worker on the phone and a few times I couldn’t order exactly what I wanted. This could get a bit frustrating for me as well as the person taking the order, but I recently found a fantastic solution!

배달의민족 is a fairly new app (free on both Iphone & android) which not only lets you search for nearby restaurants to order delivery foods from, but you can also order online using the app, and pay instantly by credit card! Perfect!

Here’s how it works:

-Download the app from the Itunes store or Google Play store, depending on your device.


-Type in your location and select the closest address


-Choose the kind of food you feel like eating by clicking on the icon, or search for a specific food in the search bar.



-Browse the restaurants nearby with the food you want, and click on the one you wish to order from.


-Search their menu for the specific dish you want to order


-Depending on the dish, select the size and quantity.


-Log in using your ID & Password, or you can use your Facebook account.


-Add your address & details.


-Claim your rewards points or coupons.


-Pay by credit card, then wait for your food to be delivered!

This app is a life-saver for helping you to find restaurants in your area to get delivery from, and also for 바보 외국인 like me who are hard for restaurant workers to understand on the phone! Check it out and enjoy your delivery!

Korea Pass


Sometimes when you’re travelling, carrying large sums of cash, credit & debit cards can be a big risk and a constant worry for you. Once when i was in Korea, after a few too many Somaek’s at an LG Twins game at Jamsil Stadium, i foolishly left my phone and wallet in a taxi (바보!!!!) – along with them, my bank cards and a lot of cash were gone and never to be seen again. It was very, very inconvenient at the time trying to replace everything and i wasted a lot of time that i could’ve been enjoying my travels. Oh well, live and learn i guess…but… in Korea theres now a way to prevent this happening to you!!

check out the Korea Pass!

Korea pass is a really convenient way to use your money in Korea. It is a prepaid card that can work anywhere a credit or debit card is accepted. When you arrive in Korea you can buy them at Incheon Airport or at 7/eleven’s around Seoul and Busan – you can get them in amounts of 50,000, 100,000, 300,000, and 500,000 Won, and they can be used for accommodation, transport, shopping or anything!
As an extra they can be used as a rechargeable T-Money card (which you use on buses, subway etc in Korea) and by using a korea pass you can get discounts at many major tourist destinations such as Namsan Tower and shopping places like Lotte Department store! 대박!!

I think they’re a great idea when travelling, so you can take one convenient card with you, that you can use everywhere, and leave your credit cards and large sums of cash in the safe in your hotel room!

oh and any left over money on the card when you’re leaving Korea can be refunded in cash!